Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Day

My big kids had a fun day learning to ski and snowboard.

All the while feeling sorry for poor Mommy who was missing out on the fun because she got left behind.

By a cozy fire.

Having a quiet day almost all to herself.

Try not to feel too sorry for me.

When I saw this cute picture of them, I exclaimed, "Oh, you look so.."

"...cool?" they suggested confidently.

Definitely, cool.


debby94 said...

How nice!!!! Was this in Flagstaff?

angie said...

Williams - a very word-class skiing area :)

Vik said...

Snow (sigh)...what i would give go skiing right now...or experience the sensation of being cold! Pete

Vik said...

Yay for a day by yourself! How fun! I (vikki) too am jealous of the snow and cold...which is a miracle!