Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Man's Work Space

I sometimes wonder how anyone could parent both boys and girls and not acknowledge the glaring gender differences.

For example, girls don't think it's fun to play in the garage. And it's not often that you find your daughter playing with a hacksaw, pruning shears, and hammer and nails.

Boys, on the other hand....

"But Mom," he protested when I caught him with all of the above items and a large cardboard box, "I'm making a boat and I need to hammer some nails in to make it stay."

As I took the all the sharp items away, I tried to explain that he would not want to play in a box that had nails sticking through it.

"Oh, I only used nails on the diving board," he explained.

My concern over him being lacerated by protruding nails shifted when I considered his intention to dive into a box less than three inches deep. Maybe I had better keep a better eye on this project.

"Caleb, why don't you bring your box inside to work on."

He looked at me. "Mom, this is my work space."

Right there next to the dead cockroach. Awesome.