Monday, September 14, 2009

'Cause I Know You're Dying to Know..

Sometimes, you end up finding that perfect paint color and a whole empty weekend to spend painting and it all comes together beautifully.

And sometimes, the rest of your family begins to hint that it's high time to wrap this project up, so you find yourself digging through your garage for any paint can that still has a good amount of paint in it - any color will do at this point - and getting to work.

It was late Saturday afternoon when I got to work on my living room with some leftover paint from our bedroom. Everything was going fine until I was mostly done and then found out Home Depot no longer makes that color and the color match was iffy. Another lesson in learning to let go of perfection...

Phil was repairing the drywall in the kitchen where we had cracks from settling and a hole created by one of our kid's heads. The kids were in the backyard doing all sorts of things that didn't look good, including climbing into the play pool in their clothes. It seemed like a good place for them to be though, since Phil was spraying something out of a can that was surely killing our brain cells at a rapid rate.

I was getting seriously sick from the fumes, which normally don't bother me too much. (I actually like the smell of paint - a friend suggested I title this post: "Hi, My Name is Angie, and I Like To Sniff Paint.")

ANYway, the toxic fumes forced me outside several times, but my focused husband steadfastly stayed at his job, spraying away and probably getting himself high in the process. Really, I'm sure he's fine, except for the fact that he didn't sleep at all that night, and one of his eyelids continued to droop more than the other for a day afterwards.

"Housework, if done properly, can kill you."

And as I ramble on about my paint saga I'm trying to find a point to this whole story but to be honest I'm having a little trouble. So, I'm going to suggest that maybe your time would be better spent reading something more edifying and encouraging, or perhaps walking away from your computer altogether and playing a game with your kids, spending time with your husband, or going through that huge pile of mail on your counter.

Come to think of it, I think my time would be better spent that way as well (and I haven't actually got around to painting the kitchen yet...)


Vik said...

maybe you'll have it done by the time we come home next year...otherwise we can pick the paint color for you! I'm having a blast painting my walls fun crazy colors!!!

angie said...

We will put you to work!

Are you going to show pictures of your walls? Any purple?