Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Know It's Been a Rough Week When....

1. Your big brother keeps asking to move into another room because you sing too loudly when he's trying to sleep (Some people have no appreciation for real musical talent!)

2. There's a hole in the kitchen wall the exact same size as your head (Apparently Mom and Dad weren't joking when they said leaning back in the chair is dangerous...)

3. Your doctors can't keep track of your referrals (who wants to go to the doctor, anyway?)

4. While enjoying a hike with your family on a beautiful spring day, you trip and fall and your face lands in horse poop.

5. Do you really need any more reasons?


Julie B said...

Personally, I hate it when my face lands in horse poop.

natalie said...

Oh poor Joshua! I hope next week is better!

Christian & Heather said...

Just when I think Will has had a hard week...Joshua comes along!!!