Monday, August 25, 2008


Ever since his surgery, Joshua has been having some serious "sleep disturbances" as they are euphemistically called in the adoption world. We are told this is quite common with adopted children, especially with the added trauma of surgery. Truthfully, they have come and gone since he came home with us and that has probably been one of the hardest things in this whole adjustment period for us.

People that have visited his orphanage have pointed out that the children there sleep dormitory style with other cribs on all sides, and it is just really hard to transition to sleeping alone. So, in a desperate move that may be bordering on lunacy, we have moved ALL of our children into the same room.

It's either going to work or there are going to be five sleep-deprived people in this house.

The first change Grace made to the room was to take down the sign on the door that said "Joshua" and put new ones up to more accurately reflect who sleeps there:

So Long, Olympics...

I have to admit, I'm glad the Olympics are over. Now we can turn off the TV and have our life back. It was fun to watch, though, and, this being the first Olympics my kids really watched, here are some things we learned:

1. A broom does not make a good pole vault.

2. Sisters don't make good spotters for back flips.

3. Diving off the fireplace does not produce the same results as diving into a pool.

4. Diving speedos are NOT appropriate swim attire.

5. Even though most of the stuff Mom serves for dinner is not well-received around here, at least we don't get scorpions on a stick for a treat.

6. And lastly, special thanks to the men's relay swimmers from France who provided a timely illustration to our memory verse: "Whoever exalts himself will be humbled."

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natalie said...

We had fun watching too. Carlos and I agree that it is time to turn off the TV too. We aren't going to miss it!
One added learned item:
The bird's nest looks a lot like a toilet seat. Isabella keeps saying, "why are they dancing in the toilet, mom?" Ha! China would be so proud.