Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Few More...

This being the last day of August, I felt compelled to share just a few more of the answers to prayer we got to experience this week in regard to Joshua.

First of all, he will NOT have to undergo the major dental work for tooth decay that we were getting ready for. I never felt totally comfortable with the dentist that wanted to put him under and start doing root canals and crowns, so I took him to our pediatric dentist who, I found out, has a lot of experience with cleft palate kids.

He was able to clearly explain to me why there was no decay, but rather an abnormality that is not that uncommon in cleft palates and not a cause for concern or action at this point.

It is also time to start speech therapy for our little guy and his evaluation this week showed some delays but not nearly as severe as they could be considering everything he's been through. He did, however, qualify for the speech therapist to come work with him in our home for free - one less appointment I have to haul my kids to!

He is also working on a few words, and his most recent (and most emphatic) is "Amen!"

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