Friday, June 6, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy had reason to visit our house this week on more than one occasion. Grace lost a tooth early in the week (her fourth) and her daddy lost four teeth later in the week with the help of his dentist and some pliers.

Belief in the tooth fairy's existence, however, is faltering here. Grace has conducted a few informal surveys among her peers and noted that the tooth fairy is decidedly not paying the same amount of money at everyone's house.

"I'm pretty sure you and Daddy are the tooth fairy," she informed me. This conclusion was due in part to the fact that her reimbursement for lost teeth is on the low end of the spectrum and "'cause sometimes when I wake up my tooth is still there and no money yet and you tell me the tooth fairy is running late and we have to wait until after breakfast to check again."

Nevertheless, as Phil was leaving to get his wisdom teeth out she reminded him to bring his teeth home so that he could get some money from the tooth fairy.

Caleb has also taken notice of how profitable this losing teeth business can be. He has begun vigorously trying to wiggle his teeth loose, but without any success yet.

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Christian & Heather said...

You guys have the cutest kids!!!!
I wish we could have met them, but we do check your blog every week.
We hope Phil's feeling well after the dentist visit. I know that's in store for me down the road...short road!!!