Monday, June 9, 2008

Drastic Measures

I didn't realize how desperately Caleb wanted the tooth fairy to visit him. After failing at all attempts to get his teeth to fall out, he decided to pull one over on the tooth fairy.

"Can you please tell the tooth fairy that I lost a tooth," he asked me upon coming out of his room this morning.

"Where?" I wanted to know.

He opened his mouth and pointed to the back vaguely. I wasn't convinced, so he leaned in close and confided in a hushed tone, "Well, I didn't really lose one but I'm going to trick the tooth fairy! I put something else under my pillow to make her think it is my tooth."

He was obviously very proud of himself, but that "something else" turned out to be a push pin. When I explained to him that he could really get hurt sleeping on top of a sharp object, he considered for a moment and then said, "Well, but I might get some quarters."


natalie said...

Pretty intelligent children you have! I am impressed at his resourcefulness.

naimo family said...

hopefully he'll get a chance to really get a visit from the tooth fairy... unlike me. i had a big sister who spilled the secret and took the magic away.

but of course, no hard feelings... :)