Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Real Reason Moms Sometimes Aren't Invited on Camping Trips

The real reason is because sometimes adventures come up that moms wouldn't necessarily approve of.

Phil took the big kids camping this weekend, and as I sent them off, I couldn't help rattling off a hundred last-minute instructions like, "Make sure you put sunscreen on them," and "Don't let them drown in the lake."

It's not that I think my husband is a negligent parent or that he would really let the kids play in the fire, get eaten by wild animals, or - heaven forbid - fall down into the black hole of the outhouse toilet, but I tend to be a worry-wart and somehow it makes me feel better to alert Phil to every possible danger I can think of.

But once they were off, I felt much better and Joshua and I decided to go shopping. Okay, I decided. He didn't have a choice. I figured that since I usually have three children, and now I was down to just one, it would be so much easier.

I forgot that his big brother and sister usually help to keep him occupied. While I tried on clothes, he reprogrammed my cell phone, threw my credit cards all over the dressing room, ripped tags off the clothing, and proceeded to wiggle under the door to make his getaway.

Note to self: Do not take two-year-old shopping.

At this point I decided it was time to go home, put Joshua to bed, and relax with a good book.

Second note to self: Do not choose suspenseful, scary book to stay up late reading when husband is gone.

The next day our brave campers returned standing just a little taller at having conquered the great outdoors and looking maybe a tad sunburned (did they use that sunscreen I packed?). Grace and Caleb clearly had the time of their lives and couldn't stop telling me stories of their adventures. Phil disappeared to unload as some of the stories started to come out:

"Well, it's a good thing you didn't see this one dangerous thing we did..."

"Daddy is probably going to be too nervous to tell you about this but..."

"And one time when we were walking down this dangerous part of the highway, we asked Daddy why there were so many white crosses in that spot..."

In my growing alarm, I reminded myself that he had given them a weekend adventure as only a dad can, and most importantly, had brought them back in one piece.

He's such a great dad.

And he's getting more instructions next time.

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Poppa said...

God help me to see you and experience you like my grand kids do.