Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Love Carnation Instant

Joshua finally broke his hunger strike late yesterday.

In the end, it wasn't the 457 things we offered him that got his attention. It was the one thing that wasn't offered but that Mommy was enjoying herself, because as every toddler knows, that is the really good stuff. If there was any doubt that Joshua is my real son, it was removed when we discovered our mutual love for Carnation Instant. I just hope there is enough nutrition in there to keep him going because we haven't had success with anything else yet.

A little something in the tummy does a lot for a person, and we began to see smiles again and even a little dancing around the living room in the evening.

He would never admit it, but I think he is actually developing a little fondness for his arm restraints. They are very fun with balloons on them and he enjoys waving them around as part of his dance routine. Initially, he was frustrated that they prevent him from being able to use sign language, but he has since found that pointing and stamping his foot produces similar results and is actually much more satisfying.

Personally, I think the arm restraints are very cute on him. I wanted to post a picture, but there is still a fair amount of bleeding from his nose and mouth and the truth is he doesn't look so good. One of the highlights of each day for him has been an early morning stroller ride. Yesterday when I took him for a walk, I noticed we kept getting strange looks from passing joggers. I finally pulled back the canopy to check on Joshua and I discovered quite a bit of blood on his face. I hurried for home before anyone could report a loony woman calmly pushing a stroller with a child covered in blood and what appeared to be casts on both arms.

I guess I won't be receiving any Mother-of-the-Year nominations from my neighbors.


natalie said...

We are praying for you little guy that came into all of our lives and stole our hearts. Isabella tells everyone who will listen to pray for Joshua.

GWG said...

Hi Angie,
It's Brenda(Eberle)Peterson from Cottonwood. I was recently directed to your blog by Becky(Lewis)Lindgren because she said that you had just recently adopted and so have Mark and I. We brought home our own "Caleb" back at the first part of June. He is currently 21 months old and we adopted him from Vietnam. We also have two older children, Cambria 6yrs. and Carisa 4 yrs. I have been praying for your family since reading about Joshua. Would love to chat with you sometime!
Brenda Peterson