Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All For One and One For All

Grace and Caleb went to stay with family for Joshua's surgery and I thought the recovery period might go easier if we waited a while before going to get them. When they did come back, I realized I had seriously underestimated their capacity for compassion and ability to pull together for their brother.

When they walked in the door, Josh's entire face lit up and he began jumping up and down in joy. He immediately began chasing Caleb around the house, pausing every now and then to admire card after card that Grace had made him while she was away.

Finding our extra arm restraints, they took turns wearing them around the house while playing with Joshua. His willingness to eat also improved dramatically when he watched his heroes eagerly downing the smoothies and yogurt drinks he had been refusing. They even let us feed them baby food out of a syringe to try and persuade their brother to do it.

One bedtime, we were having trouble finding Josh's blankie. Blankies are very serious business around here. Watching her little brother's distress, Grace, the most serious blankie-lover I have ever known, offered to let him sleep with hers. Frankly, I would not have been more impressed had she offered him a kidney.

Fortunately the missing blankie was found and everyone settled in for the night with their own blankies and the reassurance that we're all in this together.

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