Sunday, July 13, 2008


People often ask me if I think Joshua can understand very much of what we say. I'm pretty convinced that the he can understand everything we say. This is probably due in part to being in an intense "immersion program" and partly because I suspect the orphanage director was right. He is a very smart baby. In fact the other day in a moment of frustration, I found myself asking, "Who is in charge here?" and he laughed deviously as he pointed at himself.

He also said his first word this week. It was no surprise to us that our little boy who loves to do death-defying tricks with his daddy chose the word "up" to learn first. He walked over to Phil with arms outstretched and commanded "up!" After Phil picked him up, he was not satisfied. He pointed repeatedly at the ceiling, yelling "Up! Up!"

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naimo family said...

do you also worry that one day your husband will succeed in putting one of your children through the ceiling?