Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Toy

The best toy, in my opinion, is an extra-large box. Since we just got a new washing machine, we have had just such a box to provide hours of entertainment this week (after the novelty of the washing machine wore off).

I gave the kids a bunch of markers and let them decorate their box any they wished. They say that first-born children are very rules-oriented, so it wasn't a total surprise when I saw that my first-born had written out a list of rules on the front door of their new "playhouse."

Upon closer examination, I saw that these were not just any rules, but THE rules:

Personally, I question the necessity of having a posted prohibition against "adulchry" on child's playhouse, but perhaps the reminder not to "merder" each other is helpful. She also added her own personal addendum to the Ten Commandments:


naimo family said...

that is so funny.

bummer that we can't smoke in their playhouse...

Hannah said...

Those rules are FANTASTIC!
BTW, we married in '98 too!