Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to some of my favorite dads...

My husband

How blessed our kids are to be loved so enthusiastically by a man who is also the best of role models.

My dad

For being the funnest, most loving, awesome dad who has now become an awesome Poppa. Thanks for hiding my brussels sprouts when Mom wasn't looking.

My father-in-law

I have no doubt that your example of honesty and integrity has had a big part in my husband becoming the man he is.

And I suspect some of his goofiness came from you as well...

Bruce (aka Grandpa Johnson)

Probably the kindest man alive (and I'm not just saying that because you always do my dishes).

Grandpa Willie

I have so many great memories of playing at your house when I was little and am thankful that you didn't get too mad when we put firecrackers in your cigarettes.

Grandpa Nolte

An extremely gifted man who has made this world a better place for more people than we will ever know. A genius and card-carrying member of Mensa, you spend much of your day answering the same simple questions over and over as your care for a spouse with Alzheimer's. You truly show what it means to love.


adk said...

Thank you Angie for being such an awesome daughter and mother. I am crying as I read this, thinking all of the times I thought and still think sometimes how I have blown it as a father. But God is sooooo merciful and forgiving, and sooo AWESOME. Thank you Phil, for being such an awesome husband and father. I love you guys very much.

Poppa said...

I am sorry I have that on the wrong name, The first comment is from Poppa