Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We, who have a summer of long, relentless heat ahead of us, were given one last reprieve this holiday weekend.

Rain soaked our streets for days last week, creating a kind of coziness that almost tempted us to use our fireplace again.
We actually pulled out sweaters and jackets and, of course, rain boots and umbrellas because the puddles were beckoning.

The cool weather meant we weren't stuck indoors yet, so we visited one of our favorite spots, a nearby pond.

The sun did shine on us this weekend, but not with the usual harshness this time of year brings. We went back to the pond to do some fishing and ran into some good friends.

And spent some time pondering whatever serious and weighty matters kids may ponder.

Don't miss the magic of the day by focusing on what's to come. -Barbara Morina

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