Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Miracle of Life

Apparently, the word on the street among our neighborhood cats is that the Klein backyard is the place to hang out. It seems that our patio chairs are the most comfortable for napping and our garden is the best spot for pooping. We have tried without success to get rid of them, and now they are multiplying.

Grace discovered the newborn kittens on our patio Thursday afternoon and her excited shouts shattered the peace and quiet of the whole neighborhood: "The cat had babies! The cat had babies!"

Approximately 1.75 seconds later our doorbell rang and just about every kid on our block came stampeding through the house to see the new kittens.

I actually felt sorry for that cat as this noisy mob of kids crowded around her, all shouting at the same time: "Can I have one? Can I have one of your cats?"

"Those are NOT my cats," I said, but my voice was drowned out by more excited shouts. "There's another one! She had another one!"

A couple of the kids grabbed hands and began dancing for joy around the backyard. Here are some pictures of their ecstatic celebration.


naimo family said...

congrats on the new additions to your family. so when are you going to start letting them sleep inside where its warm? :)

Grammy said...

Angie, It just goes to show you....not only do the neighborhood KIDS love you, but the neighborhood CATS do also. :)