Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Snapshots

 This summer we put another 2,000 miles on our van while roadtripping through the West.

(always bring a Grammy along if you can)

Along the way, we honored the memory of my Grandpa,

Enjoyed time with lots of family,

 Found a little snow,

(It was totally dry and crunchy, but still...)
And did a little dancing.

We spent the rest of the summer, doing fun things like making the most of a monsoon flood in the grass,

Celebrating the birthday of my favorite person,

Sewing lessons,

And wrestling camp!

Some people think that boys and girls are pretty much the same.

Those people have never been to wresting camp.

What with all the grunting and yelling and slamming each other on stinky mats with loud thuds (and,  I might add, pinching and scratching, and wedgie-giving even though they're not supposed to...) and all  the tattoo-covered dads screaming their heads off on the side lines, I found the testosterone in the place to be stifling.

But my boys had an awesome time. 

1 comment:

stephanie said...

love these pics

(please tell me that they won't still be wrestling when they hit the age that they have to wear those ridiculous skin tight getups. i mean, i'll still love them for sure. but i might feel just a tad bit sorry for them.)

also, cake balls look yum!