Sunday, April 22, 2012


For some reason I don't quite remember, I formed a belief somewhere in my childhood years that 36 is the magic number at which a person officially becomes old.  I have no idea why I picked that number and although, as an adult, I have found no evidence or experience to support that theory, I find that it is still a conviction lodged deep in my mind.

Last year, I was shocked to realize that my husband was turning 36.  Good grief, I was married to an old man!

"Oh yeah," he countered, "Guess what's right around the corner for you!"

And so it was this week that I found myself facing official oldness.

I was happy to discover that, although I am now old, I still feel - and might I add look - quite young : ).

Still, if Joshua's card is any indication, I may need to work on my posture.


debby94 said...

I hope you had a great day Angie! I love you and miss you!

JJ said...

36. It's looming for me. I'm still in the 35 and holding on to the fact I will complete my child bearing in that length of time. If only the gray hairs would go away, I would be able to convince my aching body I'm actually 26... :)