Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 and Other Happenings

Not very long ago at all, I became a mom for the very first time and had a beautiful baby girl. I blinked a few times and suddenly she is ten years old.

Double digits. How did that happen?

Wasn't it just last week that she was toddler?

"When I grow up," she informed me when she was three, "I am going to be a garbage truck driver and I'm going to put a carseat up front for Caleb and we are going to have fun!"

She still has big ideas about going places. Only now it's on a horse.

She got some horseback riding lessons for her birthday and she officially loves it.

We were kind of afraid of that.

And in other news...

Spring fever is here and it's officially time to practice some baseball with Dad every night.

We recently participated in our first spelling bee,

met a new cousin,

and have been busy learning about the courageous men of the Reformation,

and the mysteries of astronomy. Did you know that it is quite possibly raining diamonds on Neptune?

For real.

We watched this video and tried to wrap our little pea brains around the magnitude and complexity of creation - and the fact that the Creator's mind is filled with thoughts of us (Ps. 139)!

Then we visited the symphony,

and - thanks to a sharp pocket knife and whittling job gone bad - visited Urgent Care.

I know. You don't want to see that. Neither does Caleb.

He is a tough outdoorsman who is always on the lookout to buy another knife, but he inherited Phil's queasiness about blood, etc.

As the doctor stitched him up, I asked him if he still wanted to buy another knife with his Christmas money.

"No," he said vehemently. But then: "Maybe I'll buy a sling shot instead."

Yeah. Then you can inflict pain and misery on someone else.

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