Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dream Big

So another school year is underway here and young minds are bursting with possibilities for the future.

While studying astronomy recently, Caleb had an epiphany.

I was reading the following words: "If you like astronomy and you like inventing things, you may want to be an engineer for NASA when you grow up..." when Caleb jumped out of his chair and grabbed a piece of paper.

"Wait!" he commanded, "I need to write that down."

(Penmanship is a separate subject and possibly not necessary for true geniuses.)

Anyway, I heard him discussing this with a grandma recently. "Well, God really gifted me with the ability to think of things to build and I'm really interested in astronomy so I think I might be an engineer for NASA someday," he explained thoughtfully.

At this point, Joshua walked through the room.

"And what you like to be when you grow up, Joshua?" Grammy inquired.

Without hesitation, he replied, "I want to be a king and live in a castle!"


The first week of school also coincided with this big guy's birthday. He and Phil had a conversation about this.

Joshua: "I not have to do school tomorrow 'cause it my birthday."

Phil: "Well, I don't know about that. Lots of people still go to school and work on their birthdays."

Joshua (considers, and then with a winning smile): "Not Chinese guys!"


Theresa Myers said...

Soooo cute, Angie!! Love this!! :)

stephanie said...

ha ha ha!!!! love those kids!

debby94 said...

I love it! Caleb sounds a lot like Luke. They would probably have a blast together. Joshua is such a little cutie :)