Sunday, July 10, 2011


People are always asking us if we are ever going to adopt again.


after much deliberation,

the answer

is yes.

We officially added to our family yesterday.

He's a goldendoodle and his name is Charlie.

And he's a puppy.

So pray for me.


stephanie said...

congratulations! happy puppy stage. may he sleep through the night and be house trained quickly.

(looks like i should probably strike "charlie" from the baby name list)


JJ said...

Love it!!!

debby94 said...

Angie, he is soooo cute!!

Vik said...

oh my gosh. he is so cute. and I had the same thought as Stephanie on the baby names...guess I can't use Charlie now. :)

angie said...

Seriously, we would change the name for the sake of a future nephew. People get priority over dogs. But you have to let us know soon because it's starting to stick.