Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Evaluations

'Tis the season for standardized testing and I'm often asked if homeschoolers are required to take tests each year to prove that their mom isn't just using them as cheap child labor for housework.

Well the answer is no, our state is very laid-back about this but, not to worry, Grandma has it covered.

She came to visit yesterday, holding what she called "a gizmo that measures your brain waves to see how well you can concentrate and pay attention."

She then proceeded to attach electrodes to my husband's forehead.

"Don't worry. It's perfectly harmless!"

Oh boy.

Grandma: "Joshua, concentrate! Concentrate harder. Now concentrate less!"

Joshua: "I'm twying, I'm twying!"

In fact, we all got to twy it.

And the good news is, we passed. We have brain waves and we can concentrate.

(Not to mention that they happen to be getting pretty good at housework also.)


JJ said...

That's really funny! I wonder if I can attach it to my own head around 11 p.m. and see what's happening!

Randy said...

You need some captions for each picture:
For Phil; brain waves? what brain waves?
For Joshua; I don't want brain waves
Caleb; I have brain waves!
Grace; Okay can we move on to something more important.

debby94 said...

Sounds fun! Leave it to grandmas to come up with neat stuff.

godgoggles said... pictures of you...being the photographer has its benefits:)