Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Man and One Woman...

Kids may stare at you blankly while you read Bible stories but that doesn't mean the wheels aren't turning somewhere.

It doesn't mean that four hours later while you're changing freeways in busy traffic your six-year-old won't suddenly yell from the back of the van: "Hey! Didn't Jacob commit adultery to have more than one wife?"

And after you figure out why the car with duct tape all over his windows is honking at you and you are fairly certain he won't shoot you, you too can try to explain about the practices of another culture and another time while looking for your exit.

I started to wonder why questions such as these seem to come up mainly in the car or the grocery-store check out line, but Caleb continued to fire questions towards the front of the van.

"Well do people have more than one wife in America?"

"No, it's against the law."

He ponders this for a few minutes and apparently his mind goes back to the previous night when we had attended a prayer meeting for our state elections. "I think I heard somebody praying about that last night. You know... they said about keeping marriage about one woman and one man... Is the government trying to make a law that we have to marry lots of wives?"


But he continued, leaning forward in his booster seat. "...Because I sure wouldn't want more than one wife. I'm not even sure I want one wife."

"Why not?"

"Cause then I'd look around and see all my kids and I'd be like, 'Oh MAN! Now I gotta feed all them.' And that'd be like a lot of laundry you know."

Where does he get this stuff? Have we not given him the impression that children are a blessing?

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debby94 said...

That is just too hilarious! Luke says he will never get married. Alyssa on the other hand has a few different boyfriends already!