Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wonders of the World: One Down, Six to Go

And that, kids, is what you call a canyon.

A magnificent land form, filled with beauty as well as compelling geological evidence for a catastrophic, world-wide flood.

A testimony to the majesty and the power of God.

There is a hushed kind of reverence when you stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset.

Except not when you're with your kids.

Our kids had different responses to seeing the Grand Canyon. One of them took in the width and breadth and sheer beauty of it all for about four and half seconds then got back to work filling in the blanks to earn her junior ranger badge.

Caleb, who seemed to be born with the constant need to climb something, was in heaven. "Don't worry, Mom, I would never fall," he tried to assure me.

And yet somehow they managed to fill 367 pages in the book showcased in the visitor center: Over the Edge, Death at the Canyon.

Fortunately, he found some challenging climbs and adventures closer to our campsite.

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stephanie said...

wow. considering you guys haven't showered, you sure look amazing! because if i had been traveling like you have, you better believe i wouldn't find myself in front of the camera.

that's why you are such a way cooler mommy than me.

that, and because you'd even consider taking your children on such a spectacular adventure. its fun living vicariously through you. :)