Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Signs that Your Three-Year-Old May Be Giving Up His Nap

The first clue is when he spends all of naptime knocking loudly on his door and yelling his version of, "Mommy, let me out!"

But in this house, rest time is crucial so I determinedly put him down the next afternoon, explaining that it is very important for him Mommy to have a rest time.

I enjoyed a peaceful, if a little strange, kind of quiet for the next hour and half, and I managed to convince myself that he must have certainly fallen asleep.

Not so much.

I later discovered that he was very, very busy during naptime. The entire bookshelf was emptied along with all of the toy bins. And all of Caleb's clothes - those hanging up really high as well as the ones in the dresser - were removed and stuffed into a hiding spot.

Not that I found any of this shocking. This is, after all child number three for me.

It takes more than a ransacked room to faze me.

But when I discovered that he changed his own diaper (rather thoroughly actually), left the used diaper and wipes in a neat pile for me, securely fastened a clean diaper on himself and resumed playing - that'll do it.

Yeah, I realize that it's way past time for potty training, and I'm gonna get to that tomorrow.

But right now I need a nap.


stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

i especially love that he can change his own diaper. and does it neatly.

and hey, is it bad as long as its quiet? and he's still breathing? the way i look at it, its still possible for YOU to take a nap if needed. and really, isn't the mommy the real person nap time is for anyway?

Dee said...

He was reading Curious George...that's the problem!;)

Vik said...

wow, i hope he doesn't kick his nap quite yet!!! for your sake! Also, who needs to potty train when your kid can change his own diaper?!!?!