Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Recital

I'm told that some kids experience their first piano recital in an informal way - a small gathering at their teacher's house perhaps.

My kids' mom however, enrolled them in an arts school where the first piano recital was held in a 2,000-seat auditorium on a great big stage (gulp).

Pretty intimidating stuff when you're only five years old (or eight).

But they were brave and did an awesome job. We are super proud of them.

Grace even volunteered to play a solo.

To help them feel confident, they were both given something new and "grown-up" for the performance. Grace got her first "long" earrings:

And Caleb got his first tie, which he was totally thrilled about:

Is there anything more endearing than a sweet little boy in a tie who also happens to have a rubber snake in his pocket? (You just never know when the right opportunity may present itself...)

Let's see, have I posted a totally obnoxious amount of pictures of my kids yet? You are welcome to refer to the section under "It's my blog and I can post as many pictures of my adorable kids as I want to." : )

In fact, here's a video for your viewing pleasure:


Vik said...

Man alive my niece and nephews sure are beautiful. Caleb looks like a little grown-up! And Grace looks so mature. We've been gone too long!

stephanie said...

finally!!! please don't go so long without posting again. i was starting to have withdrawals. your blog makes my whole day...

and those kids are quite adorable.

debby94 said...

Awesome! Your kids are totally adorable! Happy belated birthday to Grace! Merry Christmas!!