Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Ready for a New Year

Getting Organized

It's not my forte.

Sometimes, when I visit my mom or mother-in-law, I open a drawer or cupboard and I just stand there for a minute looking at all the neatly organized contents in bins and rows.

So this is what it's supposed to look like inside
, I think to myself.

Which leads one to wonder what they think when they open drawers at my house.


Reading this article inspired me to make my own binder/daytimer. Free downloadable pages are here. They have calendars, to do lists, birthday party and trip lists, meal planning....organization geeks could really be happy here.

And I'm Reading...

I'm thinking about reading through the Bible in a year. Or two.

(Hey, ma
n, it's kind of a big book.)

I don't really care for the way the One Year Bible is organized, but I found a chronological reading plan I like at Bible Gateway. They put the history in order and even stick the prophets right in with the history so you have some context instead of reading them all at once wondering what in the world they're talking about.

They also have shorter reading plans to survey the Bible in just a couple of months.

At this time of year, I also read through my journal from the year. It's amazing how quickly I forget all of the great things God does for me. This has been an amazing year of answered prayers and experiencing the goodness of God.
Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles...
Psalm 105:5

Happy New Year.

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stephanie said...

well. when mom had 3 little ones at home, her cupboards and drawers didn't look so organized either. its just a season of life...

happy new year. thanks for the fun tips you shared. :)