Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten and Birth Order

Even though we homeschool, our kids attend an enrichment school one day a week, so that gives me at least a tiny bit of authority to comment on what the first day of kindergarten looks like as you go through the years with your family.

Child #1:

Is slightly exited but mostly apprehensive about starting school. This is due in part to the mom's repeated melancholy comments about my baby growing up and leaving me!

But let's not put all the blame on mom. This child, having no other siblings to blaze the way ahead of her, really has no idea what to expect. Eagerly picks out a new lunchbox, but then worries that perhaps it is so cool that someone else will steal it. Declares that she is now "really too old for playing" and will spend recess guarding said lunch box.

On the morning of the first day, she bravely comes out to the breakfast table, but then thinks better of it and runs back to hide on the covers.

After a pep talk from mom, which may or may not degenerate into bribery and threats, the first born is deposited at school, looking just a little white-faced and terrified in her "first day of kindergarten" pictures.

You, the mom, drive away crying, thinking that of course you have made a terrible mistake and contemplate going back in to get your baby and bring her back home. After you call your husband and he talks you out of it, spend the rest of the day imagining your child scared and nervous and worry that maybe the school will catch on fire or some other equally terrible scenario will play out.

Arrive at the end of the day to find your glowing child who happily reports that, among other things, there is a nice little spot for lunch boxes to remain unmolested during recess.

Child #2:

On the first day of kindergarten, arrives at the breakfast table with his backpack on and ready to go. It has never occurred to him to be nervous. Having heard about all the fun of kindergarten from child #1 while he was busy running errands with Mom, he can't wait to go.

Take him to school where all the mothers of the first borns are snapping pictures. If only you had remembered your camera.

Watch your child eagerly walk into class with barely a glance your way.

Spend the day worrying that you might not wake up from your nap in time to pick him up.

Child #3:

Arrives at the breakfast table with his backpack on two years early. As lunches and water bottles are passed out he continues to insist, "Me! Me! Me!"

Though he is barely three years old on his big brother's first day of school, he wiggles into the kindergarten line, pushing several big kids out of the way. Flashes a charming smile at the teacher as he marches past her into the classroom and picks out his desk.

By the time you the mother get into the room, he has deposited his backpack and is now comfy with a book in the reading corner. Inform child that he gets to spend all day with Mommy - "....just the two of us. Won't that be nice?"

His face falls. "Aw, man!"

Drag him kicking and screaming from the room.

And what in the world would I spend my day doing once I actually do drop him off?

To be continued...

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debby94 said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. Angie, your blog is such a blessing to me. I love to read the updates & get the encouragement & laughter I need. I loved the part about the nap. I was worrying about that the first day...well everyday so far!