Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Cleaning out the refrigerator can be an adventure.

On a recent night, my husband, feeling brave, tackled the formidable task, and found a surprise.

Waaay in the back behind the eggs and five different flavors of jam that nobody likes, he found - and (to borrow an expression from literary great Dave Barry) I am not making this up - worms.

No, my left overs aren't that bad. They were brought home from a fishing trip that happened over a month ago and resulted (as usual) in no fish being caught.

Phil opened up the container and discovered to his great surprise that they were still alive and well, so he shouted "Everybody get your shoes on- We're going fishin!"

Dinnertime forgotten, the kids gladly scrambled into the van to make it to the pond while there were still a few minutes of daylight left.

It turns out that fish like old worms.