Friday, January 9, 2009

What Home Education Looks Like

Recently, we've had several people express curiosity about homeschooling - why we do it, how we do it, etc, so I decided to offer a little glimpse into what it has looked like for our family this year.

I think people often imagine homeschoolers locked away in a dark room doing workbook pages all day. Sometimes, we do spend time doing workbook pages:

But more often we find learning opportunities present themselves in a more natural way in the world around us:

Earlier this year, we explored how Columbus' ships sailed:

We developed a water filtration system:

We made butter like the colonists and discovered what a chore it really is:

George Washington even stopped by for a cupcake:

"Character Education" is taught by Mommy and Daddy (we're not convinced the government is qualified):

Siblings learn to value each other and work as a team:

Of course, we also have to spend a lot of time practicing conflict resolution:

We learn to follow directions:

And have plenty of time to for Home Economics:

We get to help with outreach projects:

And of course we have recess!

People often remark that it must be easier for me to homeschool because I used to be a certified teacher. I think the truth, though, is that if I ever went back to the classroom, I would be a better teacher because I have been a mother.

It's not that we have anything against sending kids to traditional schools (after all, I'd like to think Phil and I turned out okay), and it's not that we necessarily think there's anything wrong with learning how to read in plastic chairs under fluorescent lights as your peers giggle while you try to sound out words.

We just think this way is nicer:

...and we're thankful for the opportunity to get to do it.

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jnetntheboyz said...

Can I send my kids to your school? It looks like they have so much fun and they can go shirtless. Cole would love that. we should plan a play date sometime even if it is with just tyler. I'll not tell Cole.