Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daddy For President!

All of the campaign signs around town have raised some questions with my kids. We have had plenty of opportunity to discuss the privilege of voting and the responsibility to pray for our leaders, as well as the upcoming elections.

After getting the names of the Presidential candidates down, my kids decided that it would be best to vote for John McCain because "that other guy has a bomb in his name" and they didn't like the sound of that.

And that provided us an opportunity to talk about informed voting. We discussed the qualities of a good leader, and how important it is that he (or she) is wise, honest, hard-working, and full of integrity.

"Well," concluded Grace in her matter-of-fact way, "it seems like Daddy ought to run for President then."

Caleb quickly agreed. "He would be the best President and then he could make whatever rules we want!"

I think it is awesome that my husband his held in such high regard by his children. Maybe their decision-making skills in this area are a little better than I thought.


naimo family said...
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Poppa said...

We second it! We will be your campaign managers. Also, I want to be secretary of defense, so I can bomb some people. If we have enough bombs!

JJ said...

This is so precious. Ang - I love reading about your life. Please, please don't stop. I'm especially enjoying the soccer tales because my life is inundated with soccer because of my coaching husband. It pleases me greatly to read your stories!