Saturday, September 20, 2008

World Class Soccer

We got a call this morning from a family member who wanted to know if Grace's first soccer game was going to be televised. For some reason, ESPN did not pick it up, but we do have some of the highlights for you here:

The morning started with great excitement, but upon arrival at the field, the pre-game jitters started.

"I'm never playing soccer!" She announced.

But after a pep talk from Daddy she made it out to the field and was playing with enthusiasm in no time.

She played a great game and was encouraged by her cheering section:

The fans did get a little rowdy a few times and at one point one of them was even interfering in the game:

The score was... well, that's not really important at this age is it? As Grace says, "It's not about winning or losing; it's about having fun."...Pause.... "But I do think it might be more fun if you win."

She did have a lot of fun, and was still beaming when we went to visit her great-grandma for her birthday. As Grace was chatting with some of the ladies in the care center, one of them said, "You are so sweet. Can I take you home with me?"

"No," Grace replied with a giggle, "but maybe you can have my brother."

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