Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Be Careful What You Assume

After ten years of marriage, there are some things Phil and I have still not learned to compromise over and toothpaste is one of them. We disagree on what the flavor should be, what the essential and non-essential ingredients should be, and I'm told that my squeezing technique is unacceptable. We realized early on that these differences were not reconcilable and so to keep the peace, we just buy separate toothpastes.

This morning I was in a rush to get ready (my kids would only be occupied with Curious George for two more minutes) and in my haste I grabbed Phil's toothpaste, which incidentally was face down on the counter.

So as I'm brushing my teeth and looking for my shoes, I'm thinking, This stuff has no taste. I can't believe he likes it.

And the texture is all weird,
I think as I finally find my shoes and slip them on.

Hmm... this is toothpaste isn't it??

I glanced at the tube, but it was still face-side down. With growing trepidation, I walked to the counter and turned it over, at which point I discovered I had just brushed my teeth with...



naimo family said...

that is absolutely awesome.

Poppa said...

poppa said

Did it get rid of the red rash on your teeth, and gums?

Poppa said...

poppa said

Did it get rid of the red rash on your teeth, and gums?

Christian & Heather said...

Take a second next time, it's worth it! You guys crack us up!

HappyNomads said...

We love your stories about your kids they are hilarious...but this one may take the cake...LOL!

Julie B said...

Angie, you're my hero!!!

AuntMando said...

I haven't laughed out loud this hard in quite some time! But I have to ask...did it work?