Monday, April 14, 2008

Life According to Toddlers

  • Sleep is for the weak
  • Don't settle for a crib - insist on Mom and Dad's bed
  • When you make it into Mom and Dad's bed, make sure you sleep sideways and kick your feet all night
  • Oatmeal in the hair makes a great styling aid
  • Speaking of style, Mom could use a little help these days. Maybe some boogers on her clothes would add some interest.
  • Why eat your food when you can throw it? If you're still hungry you can pick it up off the floor later and eat it. Mom won't get around to sweeping today.
  • You can help Mom out by scattering toys all over the floor - it makes the crumbs less obvious
  • Nobody can be mad at you if you're adorable


naimo family said...

its like you have a hidden camera at my house... seriously.

at least joshua seems pretty comfortable at home, helping himself to the fridge. good for him :)

Kelly said...

Wow!! That sounds amazingly like my house, especially the not sweeping today part. It's like Gabby just dictated her thoughts to you for your blog.