Friday, March 14, 2008

Travel Plans

Travel approval finally came in on Thursday, our consulate appointment was approved this morning, and we had a crazy morning making decisions and booking travel. We will be flying out on Easter morning and meeting our new son on his big brother's birthday, March 27th.

This mother was having more than a little trouble with the thought of missing Easter with her kids, her son's birthday, and leaving her kids to go to the other side of the world for two weeks - and then I found out it was going to be more like three weeks! Apparently the Chinese government just invented a new holiday called Tomb Sweeping Day (what?!) and so our trip will be extended because everyone gets that day off.

So this is very tenatively what our trip looks like:

Sunday, March 23rd: Leave for China
Late Monday, Mar 24th: Arrive in Beijing
Tue, 25th: Visit the Great Wall
Wed, 26th: Fly to Hangzhou (Capital of Joshua's province)
Thur, 27th: We get Joshua!
Fri, 28th: Travel to Wenzhou (Joshua's birth city) to get his passport
Sat, 29th: Wenzhou , hopefully visit orphanage and finding location
Sun, 30th: Drive back to Hangzhou and rest!
Mon, 31st - Apr 2nd: Hangzhou
Apr 3rd: Fly to Guangzhou to complete American side of things
Apr 4th-6th: Tomb Sweeping Festival
Apr 7th: Photos and physical
Apr 8th: Consulate Appointment
Apr 9th: Take Oath at Consulate
Apr 10th: Fly home!

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