Thursday, February 28, 2008

Waiting for Travel Approval

We are down to literally the last step before we can go to China - travel approval. We have heard of several people with the same LOA as us getting their travel approvals already so we are expecting it any day now (with of course no guarantees that it couldn't take another couple of weeks).

Meanwhile we have been busy (thinking about) packing and reading, reading, reading. Reading as much as possible about cleft palate, the repair process, travel to China (including one particularly horrifying article titled Honey, I Passed a Worm), and many blogs of people who have gone before us.

In fact, I'm spending so much time on the computer, I think my family is about to stage an intervention. Maybe I should get back to that packing...

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Kris Mazy Fullmer said...

Hi Klein Family! Your site was passed to our family from a mutual friend (Debbie and Doug K and then Matt and Jenn B) . My little clan of 5 kids (and hubby and I) are praying for you! ~Kris Mazy Fullmer (Larry, Shelby, Griffen, Elwyn, Berlyn, Rowan)