Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We've Been Adopted

Our family has officially been adopted by a gentle black cat named Dusty. Only thing is, we aren't cat people. The cat did not receive that memo. Neither, apparently, did our children.

After the kittens were born and all surrounding neighbors changed their minds about owning Dusty, we started looking for the number of the humane society. By now, though, Dusty had been visiting our backyard for quite some time and Phil and I discovered that the hearbreak of a six-year-old was too much to contend with.

Reluctantly we agreed to keep Dusty (anyone want kittens?) and joyful celebration broke out all over the house as well as fervent promises to feed and care for the cat every day.

Caleb went out and and crawled under the patio furniture where Dusty and kittens are camped out. I heard him say in the cutest little three-year-old voice, "Dusty, you are my bestest little bwother." (He adamantly maintains that Dusty is a boy and no amount of evidence to the contrary - including the fact that Dusty is a mother - will convince him otherwise.)

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