Monday, December 3, 2007

The Orphanage

We found some pictures of Wenzhou Children's Welfare Institute - the place our little boy calls home for now. (In case you're wondering - he isn't in any of them. They were taken before he was born.) Apparently this orphanage is in a wealthier area and it is almost all special needs kids that live there. We are told he shares a room with 10-12 other children.

According to an article from May 2006, there were about 300 children living there at that time and 40 nannies or "aunties" who take care of them. The money they receive from the government is "only enough for food" and they rely on donations from many sources for everything else. The reporter noted that children spend most of the day watching tv.

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JJ said...

Hey Angie! Congrats on your good news! I'm so excited to hear that you've been matched and I'll be praying for you. Do you remember Elizabeth Browe? Her little boy has/had a cleft palate. It's been amazing to watch him heal.

Keep us posted! JJ